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 Consignment Contract


*Please read this contract thoroughly. You are responsible for the information below.

Consignment Review: 

We handpick items according to the brand name, trend, condition, and season. Contemporary pieces must be in like-new condition. Vintage pieces must be in very good, wearable condition.

Management reserves the right to decline any item for any reason and staff decisions are final.
We review new consignment during the hours of 11am-5:00pm (Elmwood) 10am-5:00 (Williamsville) 10am-5pm (Hamburg) *SUNDAYS* 12pm-4pm (Elmwood) 11am-3pm (Williamsville) 11am-3pm (Hamburg)  The 5th through The 10th of each month.
While no appointment is required, it is advisable to call ahead and confirm that we are currently accepting consignment.
Please leave yourself enough time to wait while we review your items. Any items left in the store that are not under contract will be disposed of after 24 hours.


The consigned price will be set by the staff to reflect current market price and demand.
Price is set based on the condition, season, and quality of the garment.
You are welcome to provide any information you believe to be relevant to the pricing of a particular item, but the final decision will be made by management.


Once an item sells, you will receive 40% of the actual selling price in a check, and/or 50% in store credit.
We do not provide notice when an individual item sells.
We recommend checking on your items after one month, this will give us time to process them and put them on the sales floor.
The check credit you receive is non-transferable between locations. If you earn money at our Elmwood location, you can only receive a check. However, you may use your store credit at any location.


Items that do not sell within an established time frame will be discounted by the store schedule. For example, an item brought in anytime in January will be discounted 25% at the beginning of March. This ensures that an item brought in at the end of the month will have at least 30 days to sell at full price.  
Merchandise cannot be reclaimed within the consignment period.


Items that do not sell within the consignment period will be pulled from the rack at the end of the month, held for 7 days, and then become property of Second Chic. Donations are processed through "Journeys End Refugee Service Inc.

I understand that if I want my items back I need to pick them up within the next 10 days after the end of the contract or they will be donated.  
If you decide later you would like your items back please let us know BEFORE the end of the contracted time.
The contract on a particular item will expire 90 days after the end of the month in which it was accepted. For example, an item brought in on January 1st through the 31st will expire at the end of April. This way items will have at least 90 days on the floor.
You are responsible for following up on your consignment contract. We cannot provide individual reminders or notifications.

LOSS:   All items are consigned at the consignor’s risk. In no event will Second Chic, its owners or assigns, be liable to the consignor for loss or damage of a consigned item caused by theft, customer damage, fire, or any other circumstance beyond the direct control of management or staff.