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Here are some guidelines we use when reviewing your consignment. We take consignment the 5th through the 10th of each month and we accept seasonally. We can no longer make exceptions or drops outside of this window to be fair to other consignors. Please respect this policy as we have other duties to take care of outside of the consignment accepting period to enhance your shopping experience with us. Also, we only take up consignment up until an hour before we close. We take into consideration style, condition, desirability, and space. For customers who have their items returned to them if they do not sell, the pickup window is now from the 1st-10th of each month

Helpful Hints For Bringing in Consignment:

  • Allow yourself 30 minutes to drop off as you are required to stay in the store while we go through your items.

  • We are only able to look at 40 items max per consignor each month to be fair to other consignors.

  • 1 drop per month per consignor.

  • Please launder all items before bringing in and check to make sure there are no stains, rips, missing buttons, etc.

  • Items must be seasonally appropriate.

  • We stop taking consignment an hour before we close so make sure to check our hours for that day!

  • We have a discount schedule and cannot make any exceptions to alter that. All items that are here after their second month will go on sale.


These lists are a guideline. We do our best to predict what weather we will have however as well all know, Buffalo weather can be unpredictable. The best way to judge what items you should be bringing in is to ask yourself if it something you would wear in the month that you bring it in to consign. If it doesn’t fall in that perimeter, it’s best to wait until it does so that it sells at full price.

January + FEBRUARY: Winter

Pants, Jeans, Cords, Leather, Long Sleeve Tops, Flannels, Tall Boots, Winter Skirts, Winter Jackets & Coats


March: Spring Transitional

Jeans (selective), Skirts, Thin Sweaters or Cardigans, Light Jackets or Rain Coats, Long Sleeve Tops

NO Tank Tops , Shorts or Summer Dresses

April: Spring

Floral Prints , Short Sleeve Tops , Short Sleeve Dresses, Skirts

NO Shorts

May + June + July: Summer

Shorts, Summer Dresses, Skirts, Colored & Printed Pants, Linen, Opened Toe Shoes, Sun Hats


Light Fall Jackets, Jeans, Boots, Long Sleeve Tops, Thin Sweaters, Closed Toe Shoes

NO Tank Tops, Shorts, Sandals 

September + OCtober: Fall

Pants, Jeans, Cords, Leather, Long Sleeve Tops, Flannels, Tall Boots, Fall or Plaid Skirts, Fall Jackets

November + December: Winter

Pants, Jeans, Leather, Long Sleeve Tops, Sweaters, Tall Boots, Winter Jackets & Coats, Furs, Holiday Dresses

Items not Accepted:

Blazers, Suits, Business Wear, Imitation Designer Purses, Hair Accessories, Cell Phone Cases, Bathing Suits, Foam Flip Flops, Basics (Solid Colored T-Shirts or Button Downs), Gloves

COnditions not accepted :

Pilled, Ripped, Stained , Not Laundered, Pet Hair, Missing Buttons, Broken Zippers, Fading, Water Damage