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Hi-Lo Style


Hi-Lo Style

Annie Adams

Here at the Chic we are lucky enough to have great clothes essentially dropped at our doorstep on the daily. We truly never know what goodies we will find! Because of this eclectic mix of clothing, we can curate many different looks.

One of our favorite styles is the “Hi-lo” look. The benefit of donning the Hi-lo is that you can transition effortlessly from day/work to evening/party. You may also find that you get more use of garments that you may typically stuff in the back of the closet until the appropriate event occurs.

Hi-lo looks can be achieved in so many different ways: by mixing what is considered to be a high-end brand/designer with a low/non brand garment, pairing formal garments with casual garments, &/or some combination of both.

A fun way to achieve a Hi-lo look is pairing a formal skirt with a casual top bearing an irreverent graphic or a chunky knit. Using an unexpected combination of fabrics will add sophistication. Great jewelry will easily tie in the look- the key is to remember scale and style. If you’ve got a delicate skirt or top, it’s ideal to go with a chunkier or bolder piece of jewelry.

We chose to pair a Jessica Mclintock for Gunne Sax pink iridescent skirt with cotton tops and bullet casing & feather dangly earrings by Inner Loop Design Co., as well as a contrasting silver necklace by Interstellar Love Craft. This combines dressy glam with an earthy & functional wearability.


In another look, we've put a Forever 21 multicolor crop top with some sheer, flowy wideleg trousers and layered an acid wash denim jacket on top. We added some more interesting necklaces by Inner Loop Design Co. to make the look pop. The material and movement of the pants combined with the casual fabric of the top makes it a great choice for strolling down Park Ave for a few cocktails with the ladies in comfort and style.


However you create your Hi-lo style, the most important piece is reflecting your own personal style, because that’s how we roll here at The Chic.

Xo Second Chic