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Second Chic's Second Nature

Annie Adams

The 3 R’s are second nature to Second Chic. We love providing stylish and unique secondhand fashions while striving to ethically consume.

Enthusiasm for secondhand shopping as a viable alternative to purchasing new clothing has steadily increased, even becoming trendy over the past several years. The reasons for this are many. Our bloggers have settled on these top three considerations for embracing secondhand fashion:


  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Chemical processes for manufacturing clothing are shockingly harsh, emitting harmful substances into the air we breathe. Not only that, but when these clothes are disposed of into landfills they do not degrade properly because of the synthetic or non-organic materials from which they are being produced. Mass production also requires the use of many resources, a key one being water (it can take over 700 gallons of water to produce the cotton to make just one t-shirt!). Here are a couple links that further explain the negative impact fast fashion has on our environment:             


  • Give Your Wallet a Break

Sure, sure, the economy is improving but it doesn’t always feel like it! Designer price tags can be hefty, or the alternative of fast fashion at lower-end retailers leaves the magic out of buying new & the garments don’t necessarily hold up. And don’t get us wrong! At the Chic we are undeniably shopping-addicts, so we understand the desire or need to shop new every once in a while. However, because our particular consignment business doesn’t discriminate against certain brands we do get those like-new garments from your favorite popular stores. Because they are secondhand we at the very least get to extend the lives of those products, as opposed to adding to the ever-growing landfills. This articles’ 9 reasons to shop secondhand describes our ideals pretty perfectly:


  • Stand Out in the Commercial Crowd

Ok, let us get off our ethically sourced high-horse for a minute and talk about looking great. Retail stores provide on-trend garments in every size and their availability is virtually limitless. Sounds great until you imagine every one you know walking into work in the same polka dot blouse and pants. A consignment shop makes it easy to add flavor to your personal style. Sought after designers and stylists have been using thrift stores for inspiration for ages so naturally celebs have followed suit, Drew Barrymore and Emma Watson being just two that support secondhand shopping and ethical fashion.


So our question is why NOT shop secondhand? While watching your footprint, you can save more than half of what you would normally spend on clothing at a retail store. And chances are you will find more than a couple unique hidden gems tucked away that you’ll be getting compliments about for years to come! Give the Chic a visit and see for yourself.



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