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810 Elmwood Avenue
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About The Chic


Let's start at the beginning...

Annie Adams, sole owner and Buffalo entrepreneur embarked on this magnificent journey six years ago to the creation of Second Chic. Annie first began creating beautifully, handcrafted precious stone jewelry called Annie Adams Adornments. While loving her craft, she wanted to try something new. Originally, the idea was to buy and sell prom dresses as we all know they tend to be tucked away in a closet; forgotten about. She wanted to give a new life to these gowns at an affordable cost. This quickly formed into what we know now, a Second Chic community filled with savvy, fashionable people with economical responsibility. At Second Chic, we welcome the retro, the modern, the weird and everything in between. Women's and Men's clothes assorted in perfect harmony to accommodate every fashion need. Happily working side by side with Journey's End Refugee Services, we donate unsold merchandise to our neighbors. You will never leave empty handed, always appreciated and never breaking the bank.